Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autumn, My Newest Bear

Well, I've finally done it! I really finished Autumn. I was getting a little frustrated with myself, thinking I would not be able to finish this bear in time. I kept on pushing myself and pushing is what did it!

Autumn was made to raise funds for a little girl named Layla Grace. You can read her story here. Layla's story broke my heart. I can't even begin to imagine what Layla and her family are going through. Having a little girl who is the same age, I felt being pulled to help this family out. I decided making a bear would be the best thing.

Autumn is now listed on eBay. All the proceeds made from this auction will go to help Layla's family with their ever growing medical expenses. If Autumn is not in your budget, please pray for little Layla Grace.

Several other designers/artists have joined together to raise money for Layla. Search "ForLayla" on eBay to view the other listings.


crochetdlane said...

Wow Autumn is just precious and what a great cuase you are listing her for!! And just LOOK at the price!!!! Congrats!! Well worth the price! Aren't you glad you pushed to have her finished in time? ;)


J7Troop said...

Thank you Lindsay! Yes, I am pleased with the price and very thankful too! I am glad I will be able to help Layla's family with the support of my bidders.

And I am definitely glad I got Autumn done in time! I really did push myself.