Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sweet Peanut Butter Stripes

I just made these super easy peanut butter cookies. After they were done baking, Maleigha helped put the kisses in the middle (I should've taken a picture). They are SO sweet! I had two too many!!

You can find the recipe in Paula Deen's new cookbook "My First Cookbook".

We also made these cookies with just original kisses and they didn't melt as much. So just experiment and see what happens.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Annie's Attic

Oh my gosh! Look what I just found on Annie's Attic!! That's right... it is our little Oakley! Is this cool or what?

Yes sweetie, you're our little ray of sunshine :)

If you visit the page, be sure to click on "See More Photos" and you'll see the other picture I took of her.

I tested this dress and hat for Lisa of Crochet Garden. It is still my favorite dress yet! Of course Lisa is a fantastic designer! I love all of her cute designs :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Awesome Giveaway!!

Momma MC is having an awesome giveaway with over $175 worth of loot! Have a chance at winning it! Head on over to her blog and read the post for further details.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!!

The above image is from Toni's Place. It's a pumpkin pie made with orange marmalade (recipe). Mmm... interesting. I may have to test that one out.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fire Damage at PCS

Fire at PCS

Wednesday seemed like any other day. I woke up, got the kids up and had them get ready for school. I wasn’t prepared for what would happen next. At 7:12 that morning I received a call. Due to a fire, school had been canceled. I knew nothing more.

I went to work and thought about the school all day. I finished things I needed to take care of and headed home.

I tried to get a hold of a friend to ask if she had heard anything, she never answered. So at 9ish that night, I called my brother. I was desperate to hear an update. Luckily for me people were at his house that knew what I needed to know about the school.

I was told that the boys’ bathroom, girls’ bathroom and my daughter’s classroom were destroyed. The fire chief believes the fire started in the boys’ bathroom. It is still being investigated. But they believe it was the fan in the bathroom, which possibly had a short.

On Thursday I went to see the school. The whole South side had been boarded up. There were desks and chairs outside covered in soot. Computers, tables and other items from inside were also black. All along the West side, school papers and burned pages from books lay on the ground. My daughter pointed a page out. “That’s the Fat Rat, we just read that story!” It was apparent these were papers and books from her classroom.

I continued looking at the damage. The roof was warped and burned. There was even a hole up there! We looked into the windows. Everything was black. It seemed like just a nightmare!

I never could imagine something like this happening. As a matter of fact, I was totally in a “The cup is half full” sort of attitude. I thought that the fire would be contained and there wouldn’t be extensive damage. Boy was I wrong!

We had a meeting Thursday night. The school will have to be rebuilt. Some things can be salvaged, but there are a lot of things that can’t be. "We will face this giant, just as David faced Goliath".

Mrs. Wilder, my daughter’s teacher, apologized to me. "I am so sorry, but all of Harley's school work from this year is gone. I kept all of it in the classroom." I told her not to worry about it. All will be fine (definitely holding the tears in. I didn't want to make her feel guilty about anything. It is not her fault at all). She told me to tell Harley that she loves her and said that Harley is such a sweet girl.

After the meeting, my husband and I headed home. I told him “Its one thing to know that your daughter’s school work is most likely gone. It is another thing to be told”. For some reason it puts things in a whole new light (bringing reality to life). I began to cry. “That was our daughter’s school work. Now it is gone”.

But, we can’t focus on what has happened or even what we have lost. We can thank God, for we are truly blessed, that our kids and their teachers were not at school during the fire.

Mrs. Hibbs said in her prayer "Let the kids remember Joshua 1:9". “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”.

The kid’s will have an extended Thanksgiving break, until things can be discussed further. We have an awesome group of families in this school and I know that we can pull together and fight this giant, just as the Principal said.

The Devil can’t keep us down! The Lord our God will continue to pave the way for us!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adventures in Coffee Dying

So I decide yesterday that I wanted a darker yarn for a bear I am making. I decided that coffee was my best bet. Ok... I've never done this before, so I am hoping that the coffee will remain stained on the yarn.

Last night I brewed a VERY strong 8 cup pot of coffee, Caramel Delight to be exact. Even though it was strong, it smelled really good! While it brewed I began pulling my yarn from the center, letting it fall into a large pot. I filled the entire pot, pushing it down slightly to get just a bit more. I am hoping it was enough, so I have enough yarn for my bear!

After the coffee was brewed, I poured it over my yarn and made sure it was covering every bit of yarn possible. Oh! I forgot to mention... I did wrap the end around the pot handle.

I covered the pot loosely.The yarn and coffee sat overnight. This morning I went and looked at it, gave it a tilt back and forth to cover more here and there. Then I went to work.

When I came home, I began to pull the yarn from the pan. Well after trying to do it on my own, I decided I needed my son's help.

I passed over the yarn to him and he held it while I wrapped. WHAT A MESS!! There was coffee everywhere! All over the stove, the floor and our clothes! At least we learn something everyday, right? I will be more prepared next time (if I do it a next time).

Well here is the result of my coffee dying adventure:

The picture is of what the original color (right) of the yarn looked like and the result from the coffee. I really love the new color and I hope it doesn't fade!

The yarn used for this adventure: Patons Lacette - Cream Caress

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Paper Bag Mini-Books

Summer has definitely arrived! Kids are out of school and it is HOT!! Need a project to keep your kids busy that doesn't involve going out in the heat? Well the YCMT site just put up their first "Kids Can Make This, Too!" project. It is free and it sounds like a ton of fun!

Just click on the banner below and get to crafting with your kids :)

Each week YCMT will have a new project to do with your kids. So be sure to check back and see what the new project is!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

EEG & Anniversary

Maleigha had an EEG appointment up in Denver yesterday. Denver is about a 4 hour drive. And with the gas prices now... ouch! Good thing my brother was willing to take us up in his van (he gets better gas mileage). I had 4 of the kids with me. Natalie stayed back and played at my brother's house.

The trip wasn't too exciting. I tried to get the kids to play some car games to keep them occupied and well... they just did not want to participate. Levi kept asking if we were there yet. Don't all kids ask that? LOL!

Oakley was wonderful at showing how big her lungs were and loved throwing her toys out of reach. :(

Maleigha was to be sleep deprived. The whole way up there (practically), she kept asking if she could go to sleep. You know all the kids were asking that, but on the way back, do you think they slept? You guessed it! Nope! Not a wink.

The EEG appointment went smoothly. Even though when we got there Maleigha said she wasn't tired... she did eventually fall asleep. I laid next to her during the EEG, which was different for me. This was her 3rd one and the 1st time they said for me to lay next to her.

Before Maleigha went to sleep, they ran a bunch of tests. She blew on a pinwheel and was subjected to a bunch of different flashing lights. She told the tech (Nancy Weston, who was super nice!) that she could see colors and at times even shapes. I found that interesting.

After the EEG was over, Nancy took her over to a cabinet to get a toy. She even let two of my other kids get one. They really enjoyed that. I went into the waiting room, only to find a very anxious baby wanting mommy. My brother showed me a spoon that the kids got with their ice cream. It looked like he was stealing! Ha Ha!! It was a plastic spoon, but looked like a real silver spoon.

We decided to go eat at the Chipotle Mexican Grill. Which if you haven't tried one. Definitely find one in your area. The burritos are huge and so good! I'm not sure how many there are or if it is even a franchise.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Maleigha was interested in what she looked like and I only had my phone. But I took these pictures of her and then showed her.

Maleigha has some of the readers on her already.

Her "Princess Hat". They put this on, so if the child moves then the readers don't fall off.

Then Maleigha wanted to see what the wires looked like in her hair. She is always so curious when it comes to medical stuff. She even likes seeing her blood get drawn!

And the last... this is a picture of some flowers outside Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Yesterday was our 7th anniversary. We didn't really get to spend it together. My husband works overnights, so he didn't go up to Denver with us. So I seen him a short bit before going and then when I got back, he was headed to work :(. I do hope that we'll get to go out to eat and maybe watch a movie together in the next couple of days. It was really sad not being able to be with him. But he just started his job and didn't want to risk the chance of not having it.

All in all a very exhausting day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do this again? Probably not.

I got the kiddos settled down for lunch. I made them dinosaur chicken nuggets, French fries and grapes. Well as I added ketchup to one of the plates, this was created:

And trust me, the title says it all. I did try it again and succeed I did not!

Monday, April 14, 2008

What is it like to be a Crocheter?

By Sarah Jones

Symbols, abbreviations, patterns and math
Why would I want to learn all that!!
Getting the kids ready for bed, giving them a bath
I just might as well toss in my hat!

When do I have time? Will I be up all night?
I usually have time for just a quick bite
Running, running, I’m always on the go!
So why do I do this? Why you must know?

Well warmth and comfort under a nice afghan
That is definitely a nice plan!
Dresses, purses, and bonnets I make,
Baby dedication… that takes the cake!

Gifts to charity always a must
Nothing is left to sit and collect dust.
Therapy, break, and calming I say
All wonderful to me at the end of my day!

It doesn’t stop there, there’s so much more!
But I am off… headed out the door.
I grab my purse and my keys.
I look down and what do I see?

Tangled yarn, lost hooks and my cat.
I will still put myself through all that!
Wouldn’t you do the same?
Come along and play the crochet game!

© 2008 Sarah Jones