Saturday, May 31, 2008

EEG & Anniversary

Maleigha had an EEG appointment up in Denver yesterday. Denver is about a 4 hour drive. And with the gas prices now... ouch! Good thing my brother was willing to take us up in his van (he gets better gas mileage). I had 4 of the kids with me. Natalie stayed back and played at my brother's house.

The trip wasn't too exciting. I tried to get the kids to play some car games to keep them occupied and well... they just did not want to participate. Levi kept asking if we were there yet. Don't all kids ask that? LOL!

Oakley was wonderful at showing how big her lungs were and loved throwing her toys out of reach. :(

Maleigha was to be sleep deprived. The whole way up there (practically), she kept asking if she could go to sleep. You know all the kids were asking that, but on the way back, do you think they slept? You guessed it! Nope! Not a wink.

The EEG appointment went smoothly. Even though when we got there Maleigha said she wasn't tired... she did eventually fall asleep. I laid next to her during the EEG, which was different for me. This was her 3rd one and the 1st time they said for me to lay next to her.

Before Maleigha went to sleep, they ran a bunch of tests. She blew on a pinwheel and was subjected to a bunch of different flashing lights. She told the tech (Nancy Weston, who was super nice!) that she could see colors and at times even shapes. I found that interesting.

After the EEG was over, Nancy took her over to a cabinet to get a toy. She even let two of my other kids get one. They really enjoyed that. I went into the waiting room, only to find a very anxious baby wanting mommy. My brother showed me a spoon that the kids got with their ice cream. It looked like he was stealing! Ha Ha!! It was a plastic spoon, but looked like a real silver spoon.

We decided to go eat at the Chipotle Mexican Grill. Which if you haven't tried one. Definitely find one in your area. The burritos are huge and so good! I'm not sure how many there are or if it is even a franchise.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Maleigha was interested in what she looked like and I only had my phone. But I took these pictures of her and then showed her.

Maleigha has some of the readers on her already.

Her "Princess Hat". They put this on, so if the child moves then the readers don't fall off.

Then Maleigha wanted to see what the wires looked like in her hair. She is always so curious when it comes to medical stuff. She even likes seeing her blood get drawn!

And the last... this is a picture of some flowers outside Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Yesterday was our 7th anniversary. We didn't really get to spend it together. My husband works overnights, so he didn't go up to Denver with us. So I seen him a short bit before going and then when I got back, he was headed to work :(. I do hope that we'll get to go out to eat and maybe watch a movie together in the next couple of days. It was really sad not being able to be with him. But he just started his job and didn't want to risk the chance of not having it.

All in all a very exhausting day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do this again? Probably not.

I got the kiddos settled down for lunch. I made them dinosaur chicken nuggets, French fries and grapes. Well as I added ketchup to one of the plates, this was created:

And trust me, the title says it all. I did try it again and succeed I did not!