Friday, February 6, 2009

Semi-Homemade Cinnamon & Sugar Donuts

The girls and I had fun this morning making donuts. It is super fun and very easy! You can find the recipe here.

I had the girls help me cut the donuts. And we even talked about the shape we were making. I then had them wait, while I fried them. Frying takes no time at all. Do not walk away... it seems like seconds and they are done!

I made the biggest mistake by shaking the donuts in a bag with cinnamon and sugar. Do NOT do this (well unless you like things very sweet). I recommend doing exactly what the recipe says. We made them both ways. But shaking them in the bag coated them too much! Even my husband, who loves sweets, said they were too sweet.

Just look at her mouth!

The kids can also help you by shaking the cinnamon and sugar on the donuts. I really want to pick up the shaker the recipe talks about.

These donuts are the perfect size for little hands.

Thanks Marie for sharing your recipe! It has quickly become a family favorite.


mommy4life said...

They look like they enjoyed them....

J7Troop said...

They sure did! I actually had to tell them that they've had enough, to include my DH. lol!