Monday, February 9, 2009

Double Digits... Check!

Our son Levi turned 10 years old today! I am still in shock to think 10 years ago I first became a mom. It hardly seems that long ago.

Wow! Doesn't time fly?

I picked up some cookies from Walmart and went to pick the kids up from school. I was greeted by several of Levi's classmates. Each of them happy to see the cookies. A few of the kids approached me showing pictures they had made for Levi. A little girl named Jordan wrote out the song "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" for Levi. She included a few activity pages for him. One of which he completed on the way home.

Our kids attend Awana Clubs on Mondays. Before they left, I asked Levi what he wanted for dinner, giving the choice of spaghetti or taco salad. He chose taco salad.

While they were at Awana Clubs, I went down and worked at the church. When I finished everything on my "to do" list, I headed home and began making dinner. I was just about finished when our kids came home. All of them were excited about the Valentines they received at Awana Clubs. Each of them even shared a few candies with me... yum!

Before eating dinner, we all headed out to view the full moon. We borrowed grandpa's telescope and hubby had set it up while I kept the kids occupied inside. The kids were so impressed by what they could see, each of them described the moon's features. I've got to admit, that was my favorite part. I can't believe we had never borrowed the telescope before! We'll have to look at more things while we still have it.

Here's the family viewing the moon:

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Mindy said...

Just stopping by to say thanks for posting my button on your blog! I love your kids names--especially Oakley and Harley. Both were names we tossed around before landing our kids' names.

Thanks again