Friday, July 24, 2009

Letter from the Tooth Fairy

Dear Harley,

The stairs were too loud and that's no joke! I didn't want to wake lil' baby Oak. I decided to write this letter, 'cause I believe it's much better. I then placed it on the bed, right below your mom's head. You may have heard her hollar, 'cause I left more than just a dollar. If I know you, you'll know what to do!

the Tooth Fairy

p.s. Sweet Pea, please let your mom collect the tooth for me.

I gave this to my daughter this morning, along with 4 pieces of gum and 2 gold dollar coins. After reading the letter she replied "But you're the tooth fairy!". I laughed and then asked if she would go get the tooth from below her pillow. She told me "It's not under my pillow, I left it where you put it". I guess she is too old for the tooth fairy!


mommy4life said...

Cute note. Is $2 the going rate? I must be a cheapskate...LOL

J7Troop said...

Ha Ha!! I gave her two dollars because that tooth was nearly impossible to get out. There was barely any move room around her adult teeth and that tooth had been loose for some time.