Friday, January 23, 2009

American Ideal Auditions

On Sunday, our kids auditioned to be in "American Ideal" (A Childrens Musical about Humility. Created by Janet McMahan-Wilson and Arranged by Ted Wilson). It will be a production put on in the Spring by our own "Spirit Kids Theatre".

American Ideal is a lot like American Idol. With characters such as Ryan D. Best, Simon Coward and Bro Jackson.

From the back of the book:

"Lights! Camera! Ego! Well, that is, if you're a contestant on one of the many 'Reality TV' shows filling the airwaves today. Entertaining? Maybe. Harmless? Hardly.

The 'American Ideal' shines the spotlight on 4 contestants who are competing to be the next 'American Ideal.' Tonight's theme is 'Gospel Music Night.' During the production of this live TV show, contestants Wila Wynn, Anita Ward, and Neil Downe discover, with the help of fellow contestant, Emma Tate, the truth about themselves as 'Reality TV' takes on a whole new meaning. This humorous, tongue-in-cheek look at fame, fortune and flim-flam turns popular culture on its head and shines the spotlight of God's truth about humility on the heart of contestants and audience alike."

Well I just heard what parts they got! Levi (10) will be Bro Jackson, Harley (8) will be the make up girl and an important back up singer, Maleigha (7) and Natalie (5) will be fans.

I am SO proud of our kids!

Way to go guys!! I can't wait to see your performance!

Oh... Should I mention I have been titled "Production Director" (I am producing all the programs, powerpoint, etc.) and I am helping with the wardrobe? At least it sounds cool!! Ha Ha!

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